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A week of learning. – Pictures coming soon!

Hello my dear readers, how are yous faring these days? I am trying to pick up some local lingo while I am here, so humor me a wee bit, please. Last Monday, I felt that I was really getting comfortable working at the centre. I felt like I really got the secretary thing down, and […]

“If guys had to give birth, the human race would be extinct.” – Pictures coming soon!

On Sunday the 9th of June, I woke up early and went downstairs to wait for a cab to St. George’s Market. A little bird was stuck in the area inside the first set of doors, and it was flying frantically into the glass wall trying to get out. After it barged into the glass […]

Helen’s Bay

The day after the Ballycastle trip, the whole group decided to go to Helen’s Bay because the weather was wonderful again. We got up in the morning, bused into the train station, and then took a train to the beach. It was a short train ride, but the day was so nice that the train […]