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Oh, how they dot the horizon!

Hello, my dears! Have you missed me? Sorry for the long time of no activity. It seems like I am always having to apologize for that, but the internet really has been dreadful and many things have been going on…so here I am to tell you about what’s been happening lately. =) The Friday before […]

“This can only be Derry.”

Greetings, my readers! Once again, I must apologize for my inexcusable absence over the past five days. My work schedule has been alternating between 9-5 and 1-9, and it is really messing with me. The internet has also been awful because a large group of Americans have been staying next door and are stealing away […]

“…all they need is a little bit of company.”

Hello my readers! Last Wednesday was a very special day. It was the day of our planned Carrickfergus day trip! My partner and I went in for a little bit of work in the morning. An hour or two later, our boss drove us to a nearby community center, one of the partners the center […]

Omagh, County Tyrone

Last Monday, we went to Omagh via bus early in the morning. It as the first rainy day we had, and boy was it raining hard! I was really starting to worry about whether my jacket was waterproof enough for the slanted, windy rain. However, we did successfully arrive at the Ulster American Folk Park, which is […]

To the Top!

Hello adventurous readers, It is time to tell you about our journey to the top of Cavehill! A few days ago (on the 25th of May, a Saturday), we woke up early and took a bus to City Hall. We went to look around the market in front of city hall, but were soon kicked […]