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Family Fun Day

The Sunday after our Derry trip, we attended Family Fun Day in Lisburn. Two of our group is working with the organization that hosts it every year, so we all decided to attend to support them. It was yet another early day. Though we had planned to cab to the train station and go from […]

“This can only be Derry.”

Greetings, my readers! Once again, I must apologize for my inexcusable absence over the past five days. My work schedule has been alternating between 9-5 and 1-9, and it is really messing with me. The internet has also been awful because a large group of Americans have been staying next door and are stealing away […]

Those chips!

Hello readers, You must be wondering at my infrequent posting. I am quite sorry about that and will try to catch up. It has been quite busy with lots of things going on and work is as always very busy, so I am usually faded away by the time I get back to the hostel. […]

Barnga moments.

Hello readers, Sorry for the lack of activities in the past few days, it seems that my jetlag did get the best of me for a bit. There are two “barnga” moments that I must share with you. During DukeEngage Academy, which is the training/orientation session for all DE participants, there was one workshop in […]

Culture Shock?

Hello my readers! Some peculiar things have happened since we arrived in Belfast. Two evenings ago, we ate at Falite and all walked back to the hostel together. Our supervisors left us at an intersection not too far from the restaurant, but we successfully made our way back, though not without some strange encounters. As […]