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Oh, how they dot the horizon!

Hello, my dears! Have you missed me? Sorry for the long time of no activity. It seems like I am always having to apologize for that, but the internet really has been dreadful and many things have been going on…so here I am to tell you about what’s been happening lately. =) The Friday before […]

Funny Happenings – Nonexistent Options, A Fake Real Baby, and Some Endearments

Hello readers! How are you guys doing? I hope the answer to that is that you are doing great! (Or “grand”, as they would say it here.) The real Belfast weather seems to have come back to the city. It has been cloudy and rainy for the past couple days, which means that the short-lived […]

“Well I think it’s worth it.”

Hello readers, This story comes from last Tuesday, which means that I am only a week behind in posting about my adventures. =) There is some value in writing about things in retrospect though, don’t you think? I feel like it gives me more time to digest it and to look at it with a […]

Yet another day at work. =)

Hello dear readers, Have you been wondering what work has been like? I spent last Monday doing some admin duties, mostly communicating with clients. I never realized how many phone calls one could make and still have a need to make more. I also did some tasks that were related to the finances of the […]

Family Fun Day

The Sunday after our Derry trip, we attended Family Fun Day in Lisburn. Two of our group is working with the organization that hosts it every year, so we all decided to attend to support them. It was yet another early day. Though we had planned to cab to the train station and go from […]

“This can only be Derry.”

Greetings, my readers! Once again, I must apologize for my inexcusable absence over the past five days. My work schedule has been alternating between 9-5 and 1-9, and it is really messing with me. The internet has also been awful because a large group of Americans have been staying next door and are stealing away […]

Those chips!

Hello readers, You must be wondering at my infrequent posting. I am quite sorry about that and will try to catch up. It has been quite busy with lots of things going on and work is as always very busy, so I am usually faded away by the time I get back to the hostel. […]

“…all they need is a little bit of company.”

Hello my readers! Last Wednesday was a very special day. It was the day of our planned Carrickfergus day trip! My partner and I went in for a little bit of work in the morning. An hour or two later, our boss drove us to a nearby community center, one of the partners the center […]

A little update about work.

Hello readers! I haven’t said much about work so far because I have only been in work for a few days. I am in charge of a research project, but it hasn’t launched yet so there hasn’t been much going on in that department yet. Last Tuesday I got a little taste of what being […]

Omagh, County Tyrone

Last Monday, we went to Omagh via bus early in the morning. It as the first rainy day we had, and boy was it raining hard! I was really starting to worry about whether my jacket was waterproof enough for the slanted, windy rain. However, we did successfully arrive at the Ulster American Folk Park, which is […]