A week of learning. – Pictures coming soon!

Hello my dear readers, how are yous faring these days? I am trying to pick up some local lingo while I am here, so humor me a wee bit, please.

Last Monday, I felt that I was really getting comfortable working at the centre. I felt like I really got the secretary thing down, and I was feeling rather good about working with the clients. My boss said that I had a way with them, and I did feel like I was having a fun time communicating with them. I was also getting faster and faster at finishing my tasks, which was more encouraging than the fact that I only had 19 surveys done for the research project.

On Tuesday, my work partner and I had a dance party during our break. We had to stop every time someone walked by to get into their cars because we were sure they would think we were crazy if they saw our shenanigans. That evening, I went to the site coordinator’s place to plan the group discussion for the week.Then, we went to watch The Great Gatsby, which I enjoyed. We watched it in 2D though, which I felt like detracted from the experience because it was obviously made to be a 3D film. Oh well, it was £3 Ticket Tuesdays, so I still thought it was a good deal.

We then went to the M Club, which was fun. They do his “rock the boat” thing on the dance floor and are kind of known for it, so it was cool that we got to participate. (Turns out, we made it onto their website because we sat at the front and they took pictures.) I got hit on by somewhere between four to six guys, which was flattering but also inconvenient because some of them were sleazy. It is interesting though because they all ask for permission to kiss you, whereas I’m pretty sure the boys in the States would just go for it. It was slightly annoying because I just wanted to dance, but the boys in the group saved me and we all had a great time dancing as a large group. The place did have good music, so I would recommend the M Club to Belfast visitors if you’re looking for a fun night out.

On Thursday, my work partner and I visited the shared history group my boss runs. It consists of a bunch (30+) of elderly folks from both Nationalist and Loyalist backgrounds. It is really great to see them be able to work together and cooperate in learning about their shared history. The group was just wonderful, and they were hilarious, acting like a bunch of kids. Members were always cracking jokes and telling each other to shut up. It was a fun time! We were learning about swords and things, which was cool. I got a picture with a miniature Gandalf sword. We also talked about medieval tortures – they were horrifying! One of the folks, Roy, kissed me on the cheek when we were leaving, which was really sweet. We are going to Dublin with the history group on the 23rd of June, so I was excited to be able to see them again!

On Friday, the lady at the shop next door gave me a stuffed Nemo as a gift. I was very happy about it! That evening, we had a guest speaker who was a professor and lecturer. He talked about the history of the police force in Northern Ireland and their successes as well as past and current struggles. It was nice to have an academic person come speak to us admist all the politician talks, and I thought he did an excellent job explaining what happened from an objective point of view. 

It was the start of the marching season, so we saw some parades last weekend. We also saw a protest pertaining to the G8 summit – that will all be coming soon! 

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  1. Lane Hardy · · Reply

    You have so many wonderful adventurers, I’m away from home seeking adventure myself and I’m still jealous. The Great Gatsby is my second book sand I have yet to see the new movie, it is terrible. The town I was in when it came out didn’t have any theaters. You’re such a doll, it’s no wonder you’ve always got guys hitting on you.

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