“If guys had to give birth, the human race would be extinct.” – Pictures coming soon!

On Sunday the 9th of June, I woke up early and went downstairs to wait for a cab to St. George’s Market. A little bird was stuck in the area inside the first set of doors, and it was flying frantically into the glass wall trying to get out. After it barged into the glass five times, I picked up a little dust pan and tried to scoop the poor thing out. It kept flying up and into the wall though, so I grabbed it firmly with my hands (took a few tries) and brought it outside, where I let it go.

That was not the first bird encounter though. St. George’s market had some great Irish music playing that day, which was really cool. There was a band playing some really fascinating instruments. Though the music was Irish, it was decidedly difficult to find items that were distinctly Irish in the market. It does seem that since Ireland is more nationalistic, it would be easier to find “Irish” things down south.

Anyway, when we got outside, we saw two seagulls having a passionate fray. I was trying to discern whether they were mating or fighting when I saw one aggressively bite the other’s neck. They were having a huge spar right in the middle of the road and actually stopped traffic for a little while. Then, a huge bus pulled up and almost ran them over, which finally stopped the intense fight. Turns out, they were fighting over the fish truck parked outside the market. (By this point one of them had resumed its position atop the truck and was cawing away, defending its territory.) The funny thing was that there was no fish in the truck since all of the merchandise had been brought into the market already. Oh, silly birds!

We decided to take a cab from the market to Casement park where the Gaelic football match was. The cab driver was a boss and was in some crazy french combat group; they apparently parachute right into the water. I asked him how they practiced and he said that only a select few pass the test to do it, and they would wake up at 4 in the morning to practice. “They dragged us up at 4 and dropped us into the water.”

He was a really cool, cool guy. He also said, “If guys had to give birth, the human race would be extinct.” Apparently guys are too impatient and so if they had to birth babies, then humans would die out really fast! Haha! What do you guys think about it? =P

The Gaelic football match was THE BOMB! It is literally the best game ever. It’s some sort of a mix between soccer, football, and handball. And as they say here, “The Irish play like real men.” There are just people punching each other, wrestling the ball from each other, being aggressive in general…the thing that was interesting was that if anybody went down (which happened quite often), nobody seemed to care. Everyone would just kind of wander away and wait for the medic to rush over. The game would then pause for 30 seconds for the person to roll on the ground in agony, given water by the medic, and then the game keeps going. Oh what’s this, he just got kicked in the head? He stands – and the game goes on! And there is no pads or any sort of gear like american football – there’s just a bunch of men, sports shirt, and short shorts.

It was wonderful. I want to petition for that game in the states.

The next week was rather eventful, so if you’re interested, stay tuned! Thank you, my amazing readers!

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  1. Lane Hardy · · Reply

    Parachuting into water sounds awesome, I’d love to do that. If men had to give birth it would redefine masculinity. We would be like seahorses. I’ve never been much for sports, but that game sounds fun. It would never work in the U.S. thjpouigh, this country has become an overprotective mother.

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