Helen’s Bay

The day after the Ballycastle trip, the whole group decided to go to Helen’s Bay because the weather was wonderful again. We got up in the morning, bused into the train station, and then took a train to the beach.

It was a short train ride, but the day was so nice that the train was packed. It was actually horribly stuffy, but the prospect of going to the beach kept everyone happy. The train was actually stopped and they did a search for alcohol on-board since that wasn’t allowed. They did such a terrible job though that I don’t think the search did anything but waste time. (They didn’t even ask me to open my bag!)

We finally got to the beach, which was awesome because this was now my second day at the beach – in a row! There was a no-alcohol on the beach rule, and there were police stationed out front to check things out. We go onto the beach with no problems, and followed a string of young people past the first beach to a second one. After staking out for a little while, a few people and I moved our spot because we were sandwiched between two enormous groups of what looked like middle schoolers celebrating the end of exams. They were playing music and doing who-knows-what.

It was interesting because though the kids looked really young, the gals were wearing fairly bold things. There were definitely things that I don’t know if even a high-schooler would wear! It must be a thing here though, because they were all dressed like that. It was a relaxing time, and the view of the scenery was once again beautiful. I need to come up with more adjectives to describe things, but in all actuality there have been so many striking sights and beautiful views that I don’t actually know of any other way to describe it.

My work partner and I did take some time to climb some rocks near the water. Some guy insisted on taking a picture with me, and so I let him. Funnily enough, it was on my camera. I told him I was going to put it on my blog, and he told me that he was going to follow it. =) There were some other guys watching us climb down into the water. We were pretty sure they were taking photos of us; I guess they don’t see Chinese and Indian people around there very often.

As we were heading back onto the blankets where the group had settled, some guy going the other way (there were always throngs of people making their way up and down the paths) pointed at me and said, “You’re gorgeous”. That makes two positive encounters, but later when we were going to get ice cream some guys in line made offensive comments, one of which included saying something like “Ching Chong”. I decided that making a fuss wasn’t worth it and we ignored them and kept walking. One of the girls commented that if she had a rock she’d throw it in his face right then, which made me laugh a little and feel better about it.

After we sunbathed for a while, we decided to head back. The train was oppressively hot, but it got us back safely and in a timely manner. I took a shower when we arrived back at the hostel and fell asleep like a rock.

The next day, I went to St. George’s market and watched a Gaelic football match. It was a ton of fun, so stick around if you want to hear about it!

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  1. Lane Hardy · · Reply

    There are never enough words to encapsulate the truly awesome beauty of the world around us. I’d pick a fight with any guy who insulted you. It’s terribly interesting how many different modes of transportation you use to get around. Back here in the states, I just drive everywhere.

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