Oh, how they dot the horizon!

Hello, my dears! Have you missed me? Sorry for the long time of no activity. It seems like I am always having to apologize for that, but the internet really has been dreadful and many things have been going on…so here I am to tell you about what’s been happening lately. =)

The Friday before last, we went to Ballycastle with my boss. Need I say again how awesome she is? We passed by Carrickfergus on our way there. (If you’ve been following me, that was our last day trip, with the big castle and beautiful beach.) The weather was gorgeous with lots of sunshine and brilliantly blue skies…it was just wonderful. It was so pretty that even the roads leading there were magical – everything seemed like something out of a film. We drove along the coast to get there, and there was just so so much to see!

We were again able to enjoy the lush green landscape of Northern Ireland. I was really happy because there were so many sheep to look at! I remember looking out of the window and seeing the bunches of sheep standing, sleeping, frolicking in the grass…there is just something about seeing a sheep that sets my heart aflutter and I thought, “Oh, how they dot the horizon!” It was a beautiful moment for me. There were white sheep, brown sheep, pale sheep with black heads. Fluffy sheep, short-haired sheep, oh what a wonderful ride it was!

As we rounded a small cliff, coming out from a little bridge, I saw a fantastic thing. The roads were headed on both sides by hedges, which were next to wire fences usually used to keep the sheep in. On the left side of the road (that’s the side we drive on here), there was a puffy white sheep that had hopped the fence!!! I pleaded for my boss to stop the car, but alas, the moment passed and though I tried to stretch my arm as far out the window as I could, I did not get to touch the sheep. Retrospectively, it probably was a horrible idea to stop the car in the middle of the freeway…but it was an attractive idea at the time. When the owner discovers the sheep is missing, they will probably go hunting around for it. I hope that the poor thing did not get hit by a car.

The beach was absolutely breathtaking. I was reminded yet again at how impossible it was to capture the beauty of this country with a camera. The cliffs looked regal and striking against the piercingly blue skies, and the water was sparkling superbly beneath the warm sunlight. We took many pictures, drank in the beauty, and then headed out to walk the streets of the town. It was a cute beach town, and a nice place to take a stroll on a calm, good-weathered afternoon. After an enjoyable day, we headed back into Belfast.

We took a different route and did not see a sheep that escaped through a fence again, but I got a good nap in, which was a nice way to end the day trip. I hope you guys enjoyed hearing about Ballycastle. Stay tuned – next up: Helen’s Bay!

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  1. Lane Hardy · · Reply

    Such beautiful pictures! I love your adoration of sheep. I understand quite well the frustration you felt, being unable to capture the incredible beauty of the world. That is the precise reason I stopped doing photography, I got so fed up because my eyes saw things my camera never could.

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