Yet another day at work. =)

Hello dear readers,

Have you been wondering what work has been like?

I spent last Monday doing some admin duties, mostly communicating with clients. I never realized how many phone calls one could make and still have a need to make more. I also did some tasks that were related to the finances of the centre. It is wonderful how much my boss trusts me and my partner; we do things that some old employees of years do not do because she trusts us with it more. Yay for us!

On lunch break, I went to Spar because that’s just where I go every day during break. I go so often that the workers recognize me and I notice when there are different staff there, like there was on this day. When I left, an old guy hollered “Hey!” as I walked by. He asked me if I worked at the Chinese restaurant down the street and around the corner, to which I replied “No”. He then told me his name was Hugh and said, “Nice to meet you.” He wouldn’t let my hand go for a long time when we were shaking hands, and when I said “Nice to meet you” back, he said, “Do you think so? Do you think I am nice?” It was really kind of creepy. What a weird question for him to ask though. And I can’t really say why but I felt bad for him when he asked me. I wondered what drives a person to stand on the sidewalk drunk in the middle of the day and ask for confirmation of one’s niceness. I guess this is pity.

For dinner, I cooked Kung Pow chicken, potatoes, and rice. I ate with two others in the group and I was really happy! I decided that my new pot absolutely rocks and is amazing in every way. Nothing sticks to it and it heats so wonderfully evenly (though it’s a bit slow about it). Hoorah for a good purchase!

Thanks for staying with me thus far. I really appreciate you guys! Next up: an evening out that didn’t quite work out exactly as we planned.

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  1. Lane Hardy · · Reply

    Little is as unsettling than those who have hit rock bottom.

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