Family Fun Day

The Sunday after our Derry trip, we attended Family Fun Day in Lisburn. Two of our group is working with the organization that hosts it every year, so we all decided to attend to support them. It was yet another early day. Though we had planned to cab to the train station and go from there, we ended up just cabbing over to the place because the cab driver said that it would be cheaper. We ended up telling him the wrong address, and he had to drive an extra way to get us to our destination. However, he was super nice and only charged us 12 pounds even though the meter came out to be closer to 20 pounds.

The festivities started with the annual car-racing contest. Each team had to build its own “car” and push it from a start point (a small parking space) to the pub where the rest of the fun day was being held. Each team was judged on their costumes, cart design, and how fast they got to the finish. The theme this year was British, or something like that. I got driven over to the finish line, but let you tell ya, who has a care about traffic when you have a race? Not they! I couldn’t stop laughing as I watched the leading team plowing straight through traffic and running red lights when we passed them in the car. The Irish really know how to have fun!

The team I had my bets on came in 4th, but I guess that is really alright. There were so many festivities at the pub that day, and all the kids were having a blast as the adults were drinking away. There were also other challenges (competitions) for the teams throughout the day to earn more points. For example, there was a race to see who could hammer 6 nails into a plank of wood the fastest, and another competition for trying to do the most sit-ups in a minute.

It is very obvious that the day was very testosterone fueled. Other than the fact that all the teams consisted entirely of guys, even the competitions were geared toward males. The females socialized, and the guys drank and did guy-things. At one point, a really drunk guy shoved his drink into my hands and ordered me to hold it while he sat down and joined the ring of kids and started to bang on the drums in the circle. The poor guy running the kids music circle had to repeatedly ask him to not break the drums and to stop playing it upside down. Eventually he stopped and I was finally liberated of his icy glass of beer.

It was an experience, but I don’t know if I would be interested in attending again. To be honest, other than watching the cart pushing, the rest of the day was rather boring. I guess there really wasn’t much to do unless you were hammering nails into blocks of wood or doing sit-ups. Ha! They could really make more money if they’d include the ladies too.

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