Those chips!

Hello readers,

You must be wondering at my infrequent posting. I am quite sorry about that and will try to catch up. It has been quite busy with lots of things going on and work is as always very busy, so I am usually faded away by the time I get back to the hostel. No amount of chocolate has been able to revive me…

Anyway, last Thursday was my first 1PM-9PM shift at work. It was really not as bad as I thought it would be, and actually I got to leave half an hour early and one of the therapists gave me a ride. Yipee for not having to walk by all by myself! The group decided to go watch Hangover III. As a result, shortly after I arrived back I got ready to go out, put on a dress, and hopped in a cab to the downtown theater.

Most of us had our school IDs so we got student tickets, which were significantly cheaper than normal adult tickets. Then, I got a drink and popcorn. I had already made many purchases in the country by this point, and I was really starting to see that swipe cards were basically nonexistent in this country. Everybody has these “chip” cards which look like normal credit cards, by they are inserted INTO the machine from the bottom and are read in that manner. I never thought about how I couldn’t use my card in some places because they don’t have the proper equipment to swipe my card or because all they took were chip cards or cash. 

In conclusion, if y’alls are thinking about ever coming down here, you better make sure you have some cash on ya or obtain a chip card because that’s pretty much all they take around here! And no, they do not take euros though all the atms seem to be for exchanging pounds into euros and vice versa. Now if you cross the border into Ireland, you will switch from kilometers to miles and from pounds to euros. Who knew?

The next day was our trip to Derry-Londonderry, so stay tuned to hear about that!

See you guys soon!

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